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. Dry and Sticky: This is the cervical mucus after ovulation and before your period begins. Post Ovulation Cervical Mucus. After ovulation, cervical fluid is again scant and dry. Once the ovulation is over the cervical mucus will dry up and once again will be in the form of a more sticky consistency. Cervical Fluid Before Ovulation Ovulation is the release of a matured egg from your ovaries, and it typically takes place a few weeks after the first day of your period. A record for me! I guess it's not fertile stuff and hopefully not an std! So, is stretchy mucus pre AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) / BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) normal? The normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or whitish before periods. Egg white cervical mucus is your most fertile cervical mucus and it is usually a sign of ovulation rather than pregnancy. Your cycle begins with your period, and immediately after your period your After that comes your more fertile mucus, which is creamy, like hand lotion. Before Ovulation: Before the egg is released, your body will produce mucus, or even before the start of ovulation. cervix and normal milky white vaginal discharge on the vaginal walls, cervix, and pooled in vaginal fornix. This fluid type of vaginal discharge may be observed either before your ovulation time or later — right before your period. As you move toward ovulation, the mucus will increase greatly in volume, start to look less thick (it'll look a bit cloudy), and it will stretch farther between your fingers. I took a ept. You’re also infertile at this stage. Clear, stringy and abundant discharge is a sign of fertile window. In normal circumstances, you will hardly see any mucus after ovulation because the cervical fluid will dry up until the bleeding starts again. These are called "dry days. Cervical fluid goes through a predictable pattern each and every menstrual cycle. Sperm can live for up to seven days inside you, waiting for an egg to be released. Sticky ~ It will feel sticky and thick on your finger, might break up or create a 'roll' when rubbed. This causes your cervix to produce mucus that is clear, slick, and stretchy. Ovulation usually happens around about 14 days before your period and most women notice a change in vaginal discharge color and consistency. However, it’s possible that you may not notice this change if your menstruation lasts a bit longer, say 5-7 days. Cervical Changes After Conception. If you notice odorless creamy white discharge, don’t worry. It's best to have sex every two days to three days during this fertile time. It will not stretch, but will form pointy peaks. Ovulation may be coming. In fact, it is one of the aspects used to test out whether one is pregnant or not before a test can be carried out. Such a picture is observed from 7 to 18 days of the ovulatory menstrual cycle. I have been reading about the cervical mucus, I think I have early Mucus - thick, white & sticky. In the first few days following your period when your estrogen level is low, you will have only a scant amount of sticky, whitish, or creamy mucus. Before a missed period (in other words, if you are pregnant), the cervical mucus will be thick and sticky in texture and will not go back down to an estrogenic cervical mucus, which is more creamy and happens during the time when estrogen builds up the uterine lining at the beginning of the next menstrual cycle. It helps protect the sperm and transport it safely through the vagina and cervix. The quantity of discharge also increases as you get closer to your missed period. Compared to the dry discharge, the creamy discharge is thinner, but still rather dense. Its consistency can be gluey or stretchy. Your cervical mucus changes throughout the month, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle: During your period, the blood flow covers your mucus, so you won’t notice any. In some cases, thicken and creamier discharge, known as leucorrhea, is probably an early sign that you are pregnant. However, after conception the cervix is higher, with a soft texture and remains closed. Also during menstruation, the cervix is low and firm, just like the tip of a nose. I felt around my cervix to see if there was any menses or anything my finger was *coated* with thick, white CM. As your uterus prepares to shed its lining, your cervix can push out some of this creamy discharge as a way to prepare for your menstrual cycle to begin. Recording Cervical Mucus Observations And tracking your cervical mucus (CM) is super important for timing when you'll actually do the deed so you can make sure to hit the day before, during, or after ovulation. This type of vaginal discharge lasts for about 3 or 4 days. march 6-10 or if I could be pregnant. The maximum amount of normal cervical mucus is produced about five days prior to ovulation. It appears at the opening of the vagina. 2 / 6. Cervical mucus in early pregnancy is typically white, creamy, and odorless. May 19, 2016 White Discharge Before Period - Estrogen and Cervical Fluid Day 10-11 (3-4 days before ovulation): Less thick, but still creamy mucus. It is mostly normal in women and occurs while you’re ovulating, during implantation and while having intercourse. Cervical Mucus Patterns During Your Cycle. However, if the cervical mucus is more watery, this may be a sign that your period is coming as watery cervical mucus may Starting once your period is over to your cervical mucus transitions from a sticky consistency to a more creamy, then watery, and finally, raw egg white like constancy. This may be due to varying cycle lengths and stages or other factors effecting it’s production as above mentioned. Its amount and consistency depend on the menstrual cycle and are regulated by the variation of basic hormone levels in the female organism. After your period has occurred, you won’t have cervical mucus for anywhere from three to five days. Hormones are behind the changes that occur each month. Generally thick, white and sticky fluid discharges just before periods. This has happen to me couple times. In the days right before your period, discharge may change, becoming thicker and whiter. These are the 5 main changes a woman will experience during her cycle. You are most fertile when you see egg white consistency cervical mucus (EWCM). It is possible to mistake arousal fluid with EWCM since they look very similar. Start Slideshow Your Cervical Mucus Before Period Some women will notice a little creamier cervical mucus a few days before their period. Fertile cervical fluid also helps filter out irregular sperm so only the most suitable bachelors arrive at the egg’s doorstep. Yellow Discharge Before Period Is it Normal? Vaginal discharge is a very normal occurrence for every woman. You will notice changes in color and texture. Did the finger snap test - it got to nearly 3 inches without breaking. In the time period directly before ovulation (a few days), there will be a lot of cervical mucus. Stretchy cervical mucus two weeks before period is a sign of ovulation. It is normally white or cream coloured, thick, and rather very stretchy. What does cervical mucus look like right before you get your period? I have some creamy cm more than usual and my hubby and i bd around the time of ovulation. Following ovulation, you may find that the mucus may quickly return to the thick, tacky mucus or you may have none at all, leading up to your period. Thick, white creamy cervical mucus? felt like I was getting my period early or something, so I ran to the bathroom and wiped and it was basically slime. When ovulation approaches, your body produces more estrogen. today is the 26th of Feb and I now have think white creamy mucus, my boobs don't hurt but they did about 2 week's before the spotting. However, your cervical mucus after thick, clear or creamy cervical mucus after and  Cervical mucus changes its characteristics during the menstrual cycle and can Right before ovulation, the follicle is at its largest and produces the most  Type 4 cervical mucus is indicative of the most fertile time of the cycle. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Many women track cervical mucus changes during their cycle so they can time sex for conception. This type of cervical mucus is not fertile and prevents sperms from entering the vagina. A record for me! I guess it's not fertile stuff and hopefully not an std! So, is stretchy mucus pre AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) / BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) normal? Ovulation Discharge and 4 Stages of Changes in Cervical Mucus Throughout the Cycle Cervical mucus is an important secrete, produced by cervical glands. Appearance: mucus is thick, creamy, whitish, yellowish, not stretchy/elastic, and sticky  Dec 21, 2016 It's older, oxidized blood mixed with cervical mucus. The white discharge is produced at the neck of the womb which is known as the cervix, or by the vaginal walls and the Vulva. Livingston on cervical mucus right before your period: A significantly different cervical mucus prior to your period could possibly happen with pregnancy. It's not a Creamy Phase: 7-9 days after period, creamy phase, Semi fertile; Clear Phase: 10-14 days after period, Clear phase, Fertile; The Importance Of Knowing More About Your Cervical Mucus. You may have a few days of cloudy, sticky discharge a few days after your period stops. After ovulation cervical mucus starts to become sticky again and then dry up until your next period (about 10 to 14 days later). Around a week after your menses, your CM starts to look creamy or pasty. Creamy white CM before period Lotion-like mucus a few days before your expected period is a strong sign of pregnancy. Close to ovulation; Raw egg white In this case, you might not find as much fertile cervical mucus before ovulation. Hope this helps. Getting pregnant 10 Essential Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant. On average, this mucus lasts for 11 to 14 days. Brown mucus discharge is a mixture of old blood with your cervical mucus. wondering if its because of my period getting ready to start. Brown vaginal discharge shows before regular menstrual blood when there is old blood left in the cervix from the previous cycle. Changes in . well trying!). It'll break easily if you stretch it between your fingers. The amount of fluid that's secreted by these glands might make your discharge  Oct 29, 2018 Throughout the menstrual cycle, cervical mucus changes. of women are in the fertile window before day 10 and after day 17 of the cycle Creamy; Pasty; Thick; Cloudy; Sticky; Flaky; Tacky. How do we test for cervical mucus? This is one of the questions I often get asked around the topic of charting one’s cycle. The Cervical Mucus Before Ovulation In contrast to after ovulation, during the first half of the menstrual cycle, the cervical mucus is controlled by ovarian estrogen. This is nothing but a sign of implantation. Cervical mucus after conception . The two weeks after ovulation and before your next cycle begins are absolute torture for anyone trying to conceive. Cervical Mucus Before Period 5 days before the periods, the maximum amount of cervical mucus is produced by the cervix. Cervical Mucus Before Period . You may notice white creamy mucus at the opening of your vagina that feels sticky or tacky between your dry days and your ovulation days. This type of mucus is common before a woman's normal menstrual cycle. If you have been pregnant before I am due for af either today or 24th. The glands in your cervix produce fluids throughout your cycle. What Happens to Cervical Mucus After Conception? by Phil Bruce. the sore nipples lasted a week then stopped, the only change I have seen are my nipple part is darking and my nipples are hard all the time and never were b4 (my Egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) is a type of cervical fluid that is produced right before ovulation, during a time when you are most fertile. Many women notice a white or clear creamy mucus after implantation. on the 20th and it was negative. Sticky cervical mucus. Though it’s not considered the most fertile kind of cervical mucus, it may precede your fertile period. A normal cervical mucus or discharge is usually whitish, creamy or transparent in color. Checking your fertility cervical mucus can be a great tool if you're trying to conceive. Vaginal discharge is a mixture of liquid, cells, and bacteria that lubricates and protects the vagina. Cervical mucus after conception / implantation. It is usually thin and milky- white. There is only a short window, about 5-7 days in your cycle when you can actually get pregnant, and it’s your mucus that makes your vagina sperm friendly and keeps sperm alive for up to 5 days. The timing of your menstrual cycle determines the type of cervical mucus that is discharged. Implantation is the attachment of a fertilized egg to your uterus. It's thick and chunky and feels kind of like paste or like glue from a glue stick, making it hard for sperm to swim through. In a typical menstrual cycle, cervical fluid starts out scant and dry just after menstruation, becoming sticky or pasty, then creamy before the more fertile, watery and egg white fluid is observed when you are most fertile around ovulation. (like a period - heavish and red blood) and then brown CM - basically we think my body . The mucus can be a creamy, white, or yellow color; however, you will be able to see through it as it will be transparent to some degree. So, the mucus will go from being dry to creamy or sticky before getting to the most fertile kind which is egg white or slippery before as well as during your ovulation. This type of People usually notice fertile discharge a few days before ovulation. I honestly have had more then usual, creamy cm before af and was seriously thinking i was pregnant cus it was so different. 3, Damp, Mucus is thick, creamy, whitish, yellowish, or sticky. Cervical mucus is a bodily fluid secreted to keep your cervix moist and protected; its consistency changes throughout your menstrual cycle, from thin and stretchy to thick and creamy. This can increase the amount of cervical mucus before your period with your discharge becoming thin like egg whites. This is the mid-point of your cycle when ovulation occurs. Around mid-cycle and coinciding  Mar 22, 2019 Cervical mucus (CM) is not only a perfectly normal substance produced from yesterday, add some more water to it, and you've got Creamy CM! (Note: Some women will experience a watery CM the day before their period,  Oct 28, 2018 Leukorrhea is a type of milky white vaginal discharge that is thin and could have a It can be tempting to examine your cervical mucus for changes in white and common to see during your cycle and when you're pregnant. It is produced by the glands in the cervix in relation to hormonal level changes during the menstrual cycle. Hormonal changes throughout a woman's reproductive cycle affect the amount and consistency with the mucus. The last time I checked yesterday, it looked like white and creamy. Yellow Cervical mucus in early pregnant stage could be like the release women might have just before start of menstruation cycle because during pregnancy stage vaginal discharge gets change. White cream colour mucus discharge confirms a big hint that woman is in the pregnant stage. That makes  May 7, 2019 Can you tell if you're pregnant by checking your cervical mucus or vaginal There are changes in the consistency of a woman's cervical mucus during pregnancy and throughout the menstrual cycle. Cervical mucus is normally expelled from the body throughout your menstrual cycle. During this time, it will be fairly elastic. The mucus may appear yellow , cloudy or white in color . This is cervical mucus before a period. Here's what your cervical mucus looks like before your period, after ovulation, and every day in between so you can predict the days you're most likely to conceive. Cervical mucus is secreted from glands found in and around the cervix. This is the driest period and the cervical mucus will be in the lowest amount during this period. Egg white cervical mucus: fertile. This mixture is constantly produced by the cells of the vagina and cervix and Normal vaginal discharge is composed of cervical mucus, vaginal fluid,  Checking your cervical mucus throughout your cycle can be an empowering way to Creamy. Woman washing her hands before checking her cervical position  Jan 8, 2019 Sticky? Creamy? Egg white? Here's what your cervical mucus looks like before your period, after ovulation, and every day in between so you  Pregnancy Discharge: Is Cervical Mucus an Early Sign of Pregnancy? In this Article This is a thin and milky white substance. This is sometimes mixed with a little blood and so can also have a tint of brown or pink colour. I got a very very fainy BFP on a  However, the fertile window can be from 5 days before ovulation to 12-24 hours after as Cervical mucus--the cervix produces secretions, which become wetter,   White, creamy: This is crumbly, lotion like mucus which seen during pre-ovulation period. At this time, it is usually quite plentiful, but also odourless, colourless, and often quite elastic. If the yellow cervical mucus (CM) after ovulation is waterless and get breaks between fingers, the yellow CM in early pregnancy is more in quantity and still springy, white, yellowish or creamy in color. Sticky or tacky CM is the least fertile type. A creamy discharge precedes fertile discharges (egg white type). The fertile cervical mucus supports healthy sperm. Cervical Mucus Before Ovulation. First, wash your hands Cervical Mucus Internally Dry ~ It will feel moist inside, but will dry on your finger quickly. As the pregnancy progresses, cervical mucus increases too and forms into a mucus plug, forming a barrier to the uterus. Try tracking your cervical mucus and it will tell you when you are ovulating, and when your period is about to start. Wet. " These may be safe days if the cycle is long. After conception, changes to cervical mucus may be a very early sign of pregnancy. It was kind of lotiony. Cervical mucus is a type of mucus secretion in your reproductive system which is important for you to know more about. I have no signs of her coming and I have a bit of lotiony CM. When an egg starts to ripen, more mucus is produced. I am going on my third week of the pills, and no period yet. Ovulation typically occurs two weeks before menstruation. It has to do with a high content of sodium chloride in the secrete, which is conditioned by the influence of estrogen. Jul 11, 2013 To assess the use of cervical mucus monitoring (CMM) in women trying Type 3 is typically characterized by thick, creamy, and whitish or yellowish CM estimated to have occurred 14 days before the first day of menses or  Mar 28, 2016 Changes in cervical mucus can indicate ovulation, fertile periods and non-fertile periods. Stretchy cervical mucus two weeks before period is a sign of ovulation. ectropion that was causing initial spotting before the m/c bleeding started properly. I think most women do get that though before the bfp!I am guilty of checking my cm and cervix several times a day lately but i don't think either of them mean a whole lot. If you are not pregnant, the cervical mucus will be scanter and you will get your period about fourteen days after the cervical mucus changes from clear and stringy to white and sticky. A few days after your period, you may notice an increase in cervical mucus, and find This creamy cervical mucus is considered non-fertile because it makes it  These photos will give you an idea of what to look for as you track your cycle and Next you may notice creamy CM, which is considered non-fertile because it  May 27, 2016 Before ovulation, many women will notice that their secretions are thick and creamy—this is infertile mucus. Cervical mucus changes as ovulation approaches, in response to changing hormones. Types of cervical mucus. of the egg whites, and so you will know which day is the last – before it is too late! Jun 2, 2019 This clear sticky fluid makes it easier for sperm to travel to the egg, which is you may not notice any discharge at all because the cervical mucus (which rusty brown discharge, before or after your period, which is perfectly . It will dry before doing the stretch test. This isn't a sign of impending ovulation. Seeing this type of ECM during menstruation would not be indicative of ovulation however. You may also see brown discharge in the days right after your period. Creamy cervical mucus (called leukorrhea) may be a pregnancy symptom. Seeing white discharge before your period isn't totally random. Cervical mucus before period can be watery, thick, colored or creamy depending on your situation. Creamy white discharge before your period is especially common. The “fetal” CM (from a creamy-like to an egg white) has a specific appearance, resembling a frond. I got a very very fainy BFP on a HPT yesterday morning (but still not 100% convinced it wasnt an evap, so not getting too over excited yet. . White Discharge Before Period – 6 Stages of Cervical Mucus Production and Five Pathological Variants Normally vaginal discharge appears in the form of cervical mucus, which is produced in six stages, exfoliated endothelial lining and agents of normal microflora. After your period, there are usually a few days without mucus. Experiencing a blood-tinge or brown cervical mucus after six to nine days of ovulation is quite a normal thing. If conception doesn't occur, the blood is released through the cervix. When your period comes, the mucus will be tinged pink and you will have an increase in discharge from the cervix that eventually becomes frank bleeding. what is the difference in CM before period and in early pregnancy? ive been getting alot of creamy white cm. Some women may experience small amounts of fertile-looking fluid after ovulation as the corpus luteum produces small amounts of oestrogen. It is generally yellow or white and cloudy. The fluid that you often see in your knickers tells you a lot about your fertility. Even during implantation, a woman has clear and ample discharge. Sometimes it is better than the ovulation test kits available in the market. Before ovulation, the discharge becomes clear and sticky, and before the next period, discharge is thick This could be a sign of uterine or cervical cancer. It's a normal part of White, thick discharge is considered infertile cervical mucus. My b___bs are only sightly sore, around the sides mostly, with bright blue veins running down both of them but more significantly on the right, even two veins through the areaolas. Cervical Mucus after Period. Each month, the uterus is lined with blood to prepare for conception. The quantity of cervical mucus after discharge is such that you will feel wet. It’s not considered fertile cervical mucus, though some women may only get creamy cervical mucus before ovulation. During your period, your flow covers the mucus signs. Cervical Mucus Before Period A few days prior to ovulation, estrogen stimulates cervical glands to secrete cervical mucus. My period had finished around Friday. Cervical fluid production is the result of hormone changes that occur during this time. What Happens to Cervical Mucus Right Before Your Period. Some women experience a glob of mucus prior to getting their period, which is infertile. After the period. You are not fertile at this point. Before ovulation, during ovulation and after ovulation all have different types of mucus. It will be around five days (approximately) before your period that you’ll notice the biggest of changes in your cervical mucus, and this is when you will produce the most. You will find that after your period finishes, you have little cervial mucus. Cervical mucus before the period is thick and gooey. The mucus right before your period may also look yellow at times. Learn how to categorize your unique cervical fluid with these images and videos your period ends (and even before your period ends if you have long periods). Your body will normally produce cervical mucus throughout the month, but it will produce the most right before your period against. This "egg white" cervical mucus is the most fertile, as it allows sperm to swim easily into the cervix. The amount of mucus decreases during this phase and becomes sticky. The production of cervical mucus increases during pregnancy due to increased estrogen and blood flow to the vaginal area; however, it is not noticeable up until the eighth week. It goes like this: Menstruation: Bleeding for around 3 to 7 days. Cervical mucus about 2 weeks before your next period becomes whitish and sticky. It is normal to see increasing cervical mucus levels during the beginning of pregnancy, even so much so that it might cause a wetness in the underwear. On the other side, it will be sticky and probably yellow. After ovulation. Cervical Fluid Changes With Fertility. And that is why this white discharge is sometimes referred to as cervical mucus. A vaginal discharge is a combination of both cervical mucus and secretion. If you have a 28-day cycle, you’ll probably notice the creamy mucus on days 7-11, for example. As the period draws near, the color, texture and thickness of the cervical mucus will change. But it usually started my period within the week of the pills. After your period, you usually have a few days without mucus and discharge in your underwear. In general, cervical mucus before period and cervical mucus after ovulation can be explained in a completely different way. Wiped myself and also had ridicuously stretchy mucus. varies in amount and ranges in color from clear to milky, white discharge. Creamy White Cervical Mucus before Period There are always differences in all woman bodies but creamy white cervical mucus discharge is a sign of early pregnancy, not period. This time the cervical mucus is clear, colorless and translucent. A week or so before you ovulate, you may notice that your mucus becomes thick, sticky and creamy in color. I've never had that happen before. If the clearish sticky stuff is fertile quality cervical mucus, this occurs from around a week before ovulation. Burris describes vaginal discharge as fluid released by glands in the vagina and cervix. If a woman whose cervical mucus usually dries up after ovulation begins to notice creamy cm before period, this could be an early sign of pregnancy. You can only get pregnant if you have sex when you are fertile - this is around a week before ovulation when there is fertile cervical mucus, then ovulation occurs around 14 days before your period. During the two week wait, when you're desperately looking for signs of pregnancy, it's natural to wonder if cervical mucus could give you a clue. Your body produces cervical mucus in response to your changing hormones. It's around 4 days until my period is due, and right now my CM is very creamy and thick (sorry if TMI), I've had a constant headache for two weeks, slight back pains today, and been feeling sick a lot. This cervical fluid initiates mucus plug in the pregnant woman’s cervix. the sore nipples lasted a week then stopped, the only change I have seen are my nipple part is darking and my nipples are hard all the time and never were b4 (my Absence of Cervical Fluid (Dry Days) Right after your period, you have a few days without any cervical fluid. Once you see this cervical mucus, try to have sex at least once a day for three days -- the two days preceding ovulation and the day of ovulation (day 14). White Discharge Before Period. I read that plan B thickens the cervical mucus and pregnancy MAY thicken the cervical My boyfriend and I have been perfectly safe for two years, and we had never gone through this before. The changes that occur in your cervical mucus prior to ovulation are related to surging estrogen. out thick, tacky, sticky, or pasty, and it may even be creamy, milky, or lotiony. Watery cervical mucus is always a sign that you are approaching ovulation, while thick cervical mucus can be a sign that you have finished ovulation and you are about to start your next period. Specialty · Gynecology. Creamy mucus is a more favorable sign regarding egg embedment. What is a "peak day"? The peak day is known as the last day of more-fertile cervical mucus before drying up. During this time it is at its greatest and becomes clear or white and wet and sticky. Some women notice that their cervical mucus becomes wet or almost egg-white like again right before menstruation. You are not Yes, I agree with rosewison. This varies from woman to woman. Cervical mucus methods help you predict when you will be ovulating by Wipe the opening of your vagina (BEFORE you pee) with white toilet paper or tissue. The cervical mucus before period if you are pregnant will look and feel no different During this period of time, you may have creamy cervical mucus or clear  Mar 29, 2017 LH is always present, but it surges just before a woman's mature A point to remember is that LH kits do not signal the start of a woman's fertile period—only that ovulation is When a woman approaches ovulation, her cervical mucous tends to change from a creamy white or yellowish fluid to a slippery,  I am the queen of brown CM in early pregnancy. This is due to estrogen increasing in the body. When you’re using fertility awareness either to get pregnant or as birth control, the most important fertility sign for you to pay attention to is cervical mucus. You may experience yellow discharge (a premenstrual symptom), which is usually normal and goes away when your period starts. Infertile Cervical Mucus. It is similar to an egg white, but it can turn slightly yellow when exposed to air. Knowing your cervical mucus will help you to plan your sexual activity, in order to conceive. I know if you start Birth Control it helps you start your period. Mucus levels normally peak about five days before your period, and it will appear clear and thin. Your cervical mucus may become more watery and reach its maximum in quantity after peak fertility, but it's not as fertile as the raw egg type. Because properties of cervical mucus determine whether sperm will be capable of This 6‐day period was considered to be the fertile interval, and days outside this period The day of lowest fertility was 5 days before ovulation, and the day of highest fertility . This signifies you are entering the fertile  Feb 17, 2017 When you're not looking at cervical mucus before period, but at other times Creamy Cervical Mucus – If your mucus is both thick and creamy,  what is the difference in CM before period and in early pregnancy? ive been getting alot of creamy white cm. Killian on creamy white cervical mucus before period: As ovulation is approached, normal vaginal discharges can increase in amount and become wetter with a slippery consistency. After your period, you may find that you have a few days with no mucus (dry). Below is a fairly common cycle of mucus production, starting with the end of your period. Although Vaginal discharge, especially around the time of missed period, is considered a sign of pregnancy. Creamy cervical mucus is a vaginal fluid which is basically produced between the first and second week of a woman’s monthly cycle, after the menstruation but before the ovulation process. Cervical mucus after ovulation, fertile fluids dry up very quickly and the vagina remains more or less dry until the next cycle. Cervical Mucus Before Pregnancy Your cervical mucus' consistency and color changes through your menstrual cycle. As your cycles resume, cervical mucus will be similar to an ordinary menstrual cycle, with increased cervical mucus during the beginning of the cycle, a change in the texture of the cervical mucus at the time of ovulation and a return to progesterone dominant creamy cervical mucus after ovulation and before implantation (should that occur). If you’re tracking cervical mucus in an effort to conceive, you may be wondering what happens after the deed is done. This mucus is called EWCM because it strongly resembles raw egg white in that it is clear or streaked, and is very stretchy and can also be watery. It’s perfectly regular a few days before your period, or it can be an indication of ovulation when it starts to be stretchy and thick. What does it mean when your cervical mucus is creamy? Cervical mucus after ovulation is like raw egg white. creamy cervical mucus before period

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